1.4.1 The Customer is able to charge his account through the payment methods authorized by the Company. Deposited amounts will show immediately in the respective Customer’s account. will charge no processing fees on deposits.

Whilst it is possible to deposit and withdraw via credit cards (VISA and Master Card), it is not possible to withdraw winnings coming from PaysafeCard and Neteller. Such withdrawals will be affected to a bank account in the name of the player and only after the necessary due diligence processes have been duly carried out. In such cases, communication should be sent via email to the following address:   by specifying iban, bic/swift, and bank name, branch office and account holder.

The Customer may likewise withdraw the remaining balance using the same payment method provided at the time of registration or any other method of payment subsequently adopted once the verification has been completed and considered according to the law.

Affiliates wishing to recharge their accounts via bank transfer are kindly requested to contact Skype Support for all information about the bank’s details of the Company.

1.4.2 The withdrawal request will only be accepted on the account where the funds were originally paid. No withdrawal will be permitted if such an operation was carried out in order to allow the transfer of money. If this happens, the amount may be paid to the player through the same method of payment used to make the deposit on the betting account at the opening time.

1.4.3 The Company will be able to carry out on its own initiation verifications, which will be necessary if requests from third parties (including, but not limited to, regulatory bodies) are requested to confirm the legal ownership and origin of the money, as well as the identity of the applicant to verify compliance with the relevant anti-money laundering provisions.

1.4.4 In order to withdraw the money, you will be required to submit the following documents:

- Copy of valid identity card (front and back side)

- Copy of a utility bill (or electoral card or residence certificate) signed by the card holder and whose address is the same in both documents.


Documents will be sent to the following email address:  


If the deposit was made with a card not owned by the betting account holder, at the time of withdrawal with that card, you may need to provide the following documents as well as both sides of the ID card in order to respect our security policies:

- A copy of both sides of the card used properly signed by the owner (covering the CVV code);

- A copy of a utility bill addressed to the cardholder whose address is the same with that of the identity card;

- Any other document that may be considered useful for the purposes of control.

Full compliance with our requests may speed up the verification process.

Documents will be sent to the following email address:  

It is unlawful to deposit funds obtained from ill-gotten means.

All transactions are checked to prevent money laundering and any suspicious transactions will be reported to the Financial Information Analysis Unit (FIAU is the regulatory Authority in Malta where suspicious money laundering transactions are reported).

You are fully responsible for paying all monies owed to us. Should funds be credited to or debited from your account in error, you must notify us of the error without delay. Any sums credited to you due to the error must be returned to us immediately and any sums debited from your account in error must be returned to you immediately. Funds credited to your account in error shall not be used for betting and we reserve the right to void any transaction involving such funds. The parties agree to indemnify each other in respect of any erroneously credited and/or debited funds.

1.4.5 All withdrawals of the betting accounts will be subject to verification before being processed. If, following verification, the Customer has violated the provisions of the Terms of Use, the Company may claim any bonus or winnings previously credited.

1.4.6 The withdrawal requests may take up to 24/48 hours to be processed and 4/5 working days to be credited. Whilst charges no processing fees on withdrawals, fees charged by the payment service providers are incurred by the Customer.

Payments manually managed through an ordinary bank transfer instead are processed within 5 working days.

The Customer therefore accepts and acknowledges banking times and is aware that any delays cannot be attributed to the Company, which can do nothing to speed up these processes.

The Company reserves the right to carry out additional verification procedures for payments over € 2,330 or when there is a suspicion of accounts abuse or money laundering.

1.4.7 The Customer is obliged not to charge or cancel a previously made deposit at his/her account. Whenever such an event occurs, the Customer is obligated to repay the Company for cancelled deposits and for any expenses due to the withdrawal.

1.4.8 The betting account is non-profit and personal. The betting account must comply with the existing national and Community provisions on the prevention of the use of the financial system for the purpose of money laundering and terrorist financing.

1.4.9 The Company reserves the right to limit or decline bets.

1.4.10 Funds on the account, as well as winnings or other amounts that have not yet been credited, cannot generate interest.

1.4.11 In any case, the Company will not authorize any withdrawals that exceed € 10,000.00 per month for each player.

1.4.12 The withdrawal request may be authorized after the deposit has been made through the payment methods allowed and provided on the website, only after placing at least one bet. The costs of withdrawals with bank transfer of amounts less than 100 euro will be borne by the applicant.

The minimum withdrawal may not be less than 50 euros.

Requests for withdrawals of more than 999 euros will be made by bank transfer.

1.4.13 Withdrawal requests can be rejected if they are not made with the same method as the deposit from which the winnings were made.

Withdrawals of winnings using a credit card will only be authorized only if the winnings are originated by a previous payment made using the same credit card.

1.4.14 The Customers should not treat as a financial institution nor expect interest on their deposits.