1.12.1. Any Customer who wants to have access to the services and products offered by must create a betting account. By opening a betting account, the User must ensure that has reached the minimum legal age for participating in the game. In addition, with the opening of a account, the user confirms that has the legal capacity to enter into a contract. If any of the conditions set out in this provision are not respected, the user’s account will be terminated, subject to any necessary measures to be taken.

1.12.2. The right to access and/or use the Website (i.e. the use of one or more products offered through the Website) may be illegal in some countries (including, for example, the United States or France). The User is therefore responsible for the access to and/or use of the Website if such use by the Customer is not in accordance with the applicable laws in the jurisdiction to which he/she belongs, unless he/she verifies that gambling is not illegal in the territory of his/her residence. The Website is not an offer, a solicitation, an invitation to play or the use of other services in countries where such activities are considered illegal. Everyone must ensure that they comply with the law of the country in which they are located, fully accepting the Terms of Use.


1.3.3. It is expressly forbidden for Customers to buy, sell or transfer accounts to other individuals.


1.12.4. When a new account is created, the Customer must be responsible for all personal information and contact information provided, including name and date of birth, residence, telephone number and email address. reserves the right to close the account when it is found that the information provided is to be considered false or incorrect. Furthermore reserves the right to refuse a registration or closing an account at its sole discretion however, contractual obligations already made will be honoured.


1.12.5. All personal data are stored in the company's database and will not be communicated to third parties, except for the cases set out in the "Privacy Policy" section. reserves the right to communicate such data in cases where there is a grounded suspicion of offenses of sports associations, or where requested by the police authorities. (For information about our privacy policy, please visit the specific section).


1.12.6. Each Customer can only create one betting account. reserves the right to close the account of any user who has created multiple betting accounts under his/her name or under different names. If has reasonable reasons to believe that multiple betting accounts (even under different names) have been created with the intention of defrauding the company, reserves the right to close the account (s).


1.12.7. After opening an account, the Customer must keep their username and password and the secret account number. All transactions in which your username and password and/or account number have been entered correctly, will be considered valid even if the Customer subsequently denies that such transactions were not authorized by him/her. Any account registration will be subject to KYC (Know Your Customer) processes. The Company will not be responsible for any complaints in the event that the Customer loses the username, password or account number. You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to ensure that all information supplied is accurate and up to date at all times.


1.12.8. The Customer can proceed independently from his betting account to self-exclusion by selecting the period from 7 days to 6 months.

The betting account will therefore be available again after the expiration of the self-exclusion period.


1.12.9. In accordance with the law, all personal data stored on our system will be deleted only on express request after ten (10) years.


1.12.10. reserves the right to exclude users from the services at its discretion. In this case, the remaining balance will be refunded to the account using the same method of payment used at the time of registration, or any other payment method subsequently adopted by the Customer. If the betting account has been closed due to a violation of the Terms of Use or as a result of fraudulent conduct or any criminal activity, the balance of the remaining credit will be confiscated. The same procedure will apply to winning bets.

1.12.11. The Customer is not authorized to transfer funds from his/her account to other users or receive money from other users in his/her account, or transfer, sell and/or acquire a user’s account.


1.12.12. If a Customer does not access his/her account for a period of 30 calendar months, the account will be considered "inactive". Inactive accounts will be closed. The balance on the Account shall be remitted to the Player, or if the Player cannot be satisfactorily located, to the Malta Gaming Authority. Provided that no claim shall lie against after it has remitted the balance in a User Account to the Malta Gaming Authority. If your account remains ‘inactive’ for a continuous period of 365 days then your account shall be deemed to be ‘dormant’ and, if the balance on your account is zero, your account will be closed.


1.12.13. You may request exclusion of one or more Services by sending an email to   by specifying your username and by attaching the duplicate copy of your valid ID card.

In the event that you want to reactivate previously suspended Services, you will have to wait 7 days from the date of the first request, one month if it is the second request for reactivation and 6 months for the third request.