1.10.1 This article governs cases where a bet is accepted as a result of the occurrence of certain obvious faults, or a payment is made under the same circumstances. Below is an exhaustive and non-exhaustive list of such circumstances:

* Whenever the odds/spreads/terms offered by are significantly different from those available on the general market;

* Whenever the odds/spread/terms offered at the time of the bet are clearly incompatible with the real probability that the specific event can be actually verified;

* Each time a bet was mistakenly accepted in a market that would have to be suspended or removed,

* When a bet containing incompatible events should be accepted due to a human or technical error;

* Whenever during a transaction a calculation error occurs, or after a pay-out an incorrect amount is credited;

* Repeated: In any case, it will not be possible to repeat the same bet slip more than twice. In the event that the system due to malfunction would allow it to be repeated several times (even fraudulently using nicknames linked to the same IP) will be considered void as it generates an obvious error.

* Any other situation that can be identified and recognized as an error.

In all these cases reserves the right to void at any time the accepted bets containing one of the specified errors or corrects the error by reformulating the bet in line with the spread/terms that should have been available at the time the bet was placed.

1.10.2 The customer is obliged to immediately inform if has wrongly credited an amount not to be paid on a betting account, that is, a sum greater or less than the amount that is actually to be paid. can at any time compensate any positive balance resulting from the wrong transaction, as well as cancel any bets or transactions made with wrongly credited funds.

1.10.3 Neither the company (including employees or agents) nor our partners and suppliers may be responsible for any losses resulting from any mistakes made. Bets placed in replacement of the faulty ones, will be considered valid unless they also consist obvious mistakes.

1.10.4 In case, due to technical issues, the printed version of a document or a bet slip differs from the web version, the last one prevails.

1.10.5 In the event of a dispute, the customer agrees that the registrations contained in our server are to be considered as the only binding evidence between the Company and the Customer.