2.8.1 The outcome of a Rugby bet is based on the result at the end of the regular time and any additional times.

2.8.2 If a rugby match is officially postponed or suspended, the bets related to it will remain valid if the match is held by midnight on the third day. In case of betting on partial results or other events related to competitions all bets are still valid when the specific market outcome has been already determined, even if at a later point the event is suspended or cancelled.

2.8.3 Market types

  • 1X2

You must predict the outcome of the match. Three possible outcomes are offered:

1 (the home team wins)
X (the match ends in a draw)
2 (the away team wins)
  • Double chance

The outcome of the whole match must be predicted. The bet offers three possible outcomes:

1X (home team wins or slams),
X2 (the away team wins or slams)
12 (home team wins or guest team wins)
  • Head to Head (HH)

The winner of the match must be predicted. There are two possible outcomes:

1HH (home team wins)
2 HH (the host team wins)
The outcome of this type of bet is based on the result obtained after the regular times and any additional times.
  • Heads-Up with Handicap (spread)

You have to predict which team will win the match by adding or subtracting the spread indicated in the bet to the final result. The handicap, both positive and negative, is always related to the home team.

Example 1:
England - Ireland SPREAD -5.0
Bets on "(H.-5.5) Home" will be won if the home team wins the match with a difference of at least 6 points.
Bets on "(H.-5.5) Away" the bet will be winner if:
- The host team wins the match.
- The away team loses by conceding a maximum of 5 points to their opponent.
Example 2:
Italy - New Zealand SPREAD 30.5
Bets on "(H. 30.5) Home" will be won if the home team wins the match or loses it by conceding a maximum of 30 points to the opposing team.
Bets on "(H. 30.5) Away" will be won if the away team wins the match with a score of 31 or more points.
  • Over / Under (spread)

You have to predict whether the total number of points scored during the match will be higher (Over) or lower (Under) than the spread offered by the Site.