2.9.1 Unless otherwise specified for some types of bets the outcome of a bet on a baseball match is based on the result at the end of the regular time including any extra innings.

2.9.2 Rule of 4 innings and ½ - Bets on the winner

If a match is interrupted "called", for settlement purposes, the score already determined will be considered after at least 5 full game innings, unless the home team is in the lead after 4 innings and ½.

2.9.3 If a baseball match is officially postponed or suspended, all bets related to it will remain valid if the match is held by midnight on the third day. In case of betting on partial results or other events related to competitions, the bet is still valid when the specific market outcome has been already determined, even if at a later point the event is suspended or cancelled.

2.9.4 Unless it is specified otherwise, if two matches between the same teams are held during the same day, only the result of the first match is considered.

2.9.5 Market types

  • 1X2

The outcome of the whole game must be predicted. The bet offers three possible outcomes:

1 (the home team wins)
X (the two teams draw)
2 (the away team wins)
  • Head to Head (HH)

The winner of the match must be predicted. There are two possible outcomes:

1 HH (the home team wins the game)
2 HH (the away team wins the game)
  • Heads-Up with Handicap (spread)

You have to predict which team will win the match by adding or subtracting the spread shown in the bet to the final result.

The handicap, both positive and negative, is always associated with the home team.

Bets on "(H.-2.5) Home" will be won if the home team wins with a minimum difference of at least 3 runs.
Bets on "(H.-2.5) Away" will be won if:
- The away team wins the game.
- The away team loses the match by conceding a maximum of two runs to their opponent.
  • Over/Under (spread)

You have to predict if the total number of runs won during the match will be higher (Over) or lower (Under) than the spread offered by the Site.

  • Total Points Team X 

You have to predict if the total number of points scored by team X during the game will be higher (Over) or lower (Under) than the spread offered by the Site.

  • Overtime YES/NO

You have to predict if the game will end at overtime or not.