2.29.1 For the bets to valid, participants who will be awarded at the awards ceremony with gold, silver and bronze medal will be ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively. Any following disqualifications will not be considered.

If a match is officially postponed or suspended, all bets related to it will remain valid if the match is held by midnight on the third day. In the event of betting on partial results or other events related to competitions, the bet is still valid when the specific market outcome has been already determined, even if at a later point the event is suspended or cancelled.

2.29.2 Market Rules

  • Outright Markets (Winner, Placed and Winner “Without”)

The official arrival order will be taken into consideration for the Outright markets. Any disqualification following the publication of the official results will not be considered. In the event of same placing, the dead heat (ex-aequo rule) will apply.

If a participant who does not take part in the competition, is mistakenly offered, bets on that participant will be refunded. 

  • Head to Head
For bets to be valid, both participants must take part in the event.
If one of the participants does not participate in the event, all bets will be void and the stakes refunded.
For settlement purposes official results are taken into consideration.
  • Win Medal (Special Olympics Bets)

For betting purposes, the results of the official results are valid at the closing ceremony. Subsequent disqualifications and/or appeals will not affect the bets.

  • HH/1X2 Medals

You have to predict which of the participants will get the highest position in the podium. In the event of a same placing for the gold medal winner will be who will get the most silver medals. In case of further equal number of medals, the winner will be who will get the most bronze medals.

  • Over/Under Medals (Gold)

You have to predict whether the athlete will get more or less medals (gold) than the spread indicated.